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Products / Services:

  • Evaluation, qualification and auditing of suppliers of materials, goods, laboratories, etc… of Spanish Nuclear Stations.
  • Inspection during manufacturing process of all type of goods, materials, mechanical and electrical components, instrumentation, review of certificates, witnessing of testing, revisions of the quality dossiers, etc.
  • Technical Assistance in different fields such as materials, processes, etc.
  • Support during shutdowns to Quality and Maintenance Departments performing inspections, supervisions and audits.
  • Seismic and environmental Qualification of equipment and components.
  • Commercial grade dedication processes.
  • Inspections about operation of safety systems (Vertical Audits).
  • Failure analysis and corrosion engineering.
  • Electrical Testing, vibrations measurements…
  • Root cause and FMEA (failure mode and effect analysis)
  • NDT performance and supervision (DP, MP, US, X-Ray, VT-1, VT-2, VT-3, leakages, etc) in pipes, supports, equipment, etc.
  • Audits to systems, processes and organisation from Nuclear Stations and contractors during assembly processes, design, purchases, storage, calibration of equipment, etc.
  • Training courses of quality, inspection, ASME Code, etc…Any other course related to Nuclear Power Plants.